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Meet Rogue

The deluded tortoise calico

Hi, my name is Rogue. I love my mum and dad. They let me eat off their plates anytime I want unless its not good for my tummy and their mean and push me away. I love having long conversations with them at anytime of the day or night. Everyday mum lets me wake her by suckling on her right earlobe (the left one tastes wierd) but sometimes she doesn't let me so I lick her eyelids till she lets me.

9 months
fluffers, fluffy, mamas, baby girl, spaz
boxes, laundry baskets, pillowcases, under the love seat, mums nightstand, toy mice i especially love playing w them in the bathtub!
strings i eat them!
Favorite Foods
tuna, chicken, pork, cheese, potatoes, soup, broccoli
Favorite Pastimes
catnip, my tail ill clean it for hours, mums right earlobe, helping mum make the bed, racing you to the bathroom

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