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Meet Chance

Melissa Johnston

Chance is young fellow filled with life spirit and lots of love. Some special soul found him as a baby and brought him to a rescue where my husband and I found him and fell in love.... He had a pollup on his rectum causing him to be unable to control his bowels. After many donations Chance was able to have his surgury. Even though he is not perfect and a bit messy we will love him to the end of time :)

9 Months
Baby Head, Poopy Bum, Stinky McStinkens
Bird Watching, Plastic Straws, Temptations, Turkey, Soft Blankets
When mom and dad are sleeping,thunder and lightning, empty food dishes
Favorite Foods
Whiskas Purrfectly Chicken, Temptations, Turkey
Favorite Pastimes
Tearing through the trash,Purring,Stealing Moms Elastics and Tissues

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