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Meet Liberty

Jacklyn Noftsier Lowville NY
Liberty is a 7 month old kitten who is an adopted rescue. She was rescued by Another Chance Pet Rescue out of Rochester NY. They drove to NYC and rescued her and her "family", 5 boys and a momma. The whole family had URI, but Liberty and 1 brother were the worst. Fortunately they all survived and Liberty has full vision although 1 eye is cloudy. I knew the minute I saw her picture that her forever home was with us. She is an absolute joy and its a great honor to be her human.
7 months
Playing, cuddling, getting her belly rubbed, watching out the window, biting toes, Another Chance Pet Rescue, having my picture taken, all my friends on Facebook
Loud noises, vacuum cleaner, getting wet, people who abuse animals
Favorite Foods
Meow Mix Tender Centers, Chicken flavored Greenies cat treats and an extra special yummy treat is any flavor Fancy Feast
Favorite Pastimes
Playing with Pia and Perky (her kitty sister and brother) or by herself, helping mommy cook/bake, being held and cuddled and napping

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