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Meet Kurung

The Nibelung
Kelly Kang Seattle, WA

This is our cute (not so little) Kurung! We named him Kurung because that is what his mewling sounds like :)

His favorite things are chicken, chewing on plastic and cardboard, and chasing things! His hobbies include fighting with his daddy's foot and "helping" mommy with her crafts! His special skill is begging for food.

He's soft, lovable and a little aloof so that we always appreciate his attention.

3 1/2
Kuru, Fatty, MeowMeow
Birds, plastic, cardboard, daddy's socks, high places
A dirty litter box, when mommy and daddy sleep in, minty kisses, the vacuum
Favorite Foods
Chicken, beef, anchovies, seaweed
Favorite Pastimes
Scratching furniture, jumping up on everything (especially high places), chasing anything moves, cuddling with mommy and daddy!

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