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Meet Arwyn

The Mixed/Rescued
Patty Yakima, WA

She is a fuzzy, bumbling little girl with many personalities. She's independant and bashful, shes flirty and full of love. She is very gentle in nature and does not easily warm up to people, but she's very brave and intelligent and once she's deemed you to be worthy of her graces, she's extremely playful and loves to spend hours running through her obsticle course chasing her laser light. Her tiny soft meows will warm even the hardest heart.


1.5 years
Laser lights, birds, fleece, plants, turkey, scrambled eggs, her family, enrique the talking squeaky mouse toy, naps in her window seat when it's raining, when her humans come back with grocieries, feet rubs, keeping humans company while they take showers
Vacuum, strangers, being outside, baths, spray bottles, dogs
Favorite Foods
Scrambled eggs, turkey, Friskies wet canned cat food, or yams when I'm a good cat at the end of the week!
Favorite Pastimes
sitting like a human, watching bird videos on YouTube, playing in the bathtub, chasing/snuggling/bathing her bio sister Marley and her adopted brother Bourbon, playing with her talking mouse toy enrique, and playing in her kitty obsticle course room.

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