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Meet Mischa

Stacey & Leslie Reno, Nevada

This is Mischa.  She was rescued from a box of unwanted kittens.  She and our other cat Sammy are our everthing.   We are artists and cat toy makers and they inspire us in all we do.

Mischa is a sassy girl and that scares most people of but she is truly a sweet girl who is not tough at all.   She is a HUGE kitty with a big fluffy tail and doesn't like to be left alone too long.   She has a purr that melts the coldest heart.  

Misch, Boo, Bunny (because she hops like one), baby girl
sleeping, eating, being near moms, listening to moms sing, watching moms cook, boxes, playing outside (with supervision), hunting, sleeping with moms at night, watching mom paint
being told no, when Sammy steals her favorite spots, being left alone, loud noises, strangers
Favorite Foods
mostly cat food but does like the occasional potato chip and whip cream
Favorite Pastimes
play, sleep, eating, bird and squirrel watching, hide and seek with everyone

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