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Meet Henry

The Black/white Tuxedo
Candi Fry Nashville Tenn.

I adopted Henry after the death of my 15 year old cat, that I dearly love and miss! Henry brought me happiness when nothing else could. We instantly bonded and he never leaves my side. I would rather spend time with Henry than any one.  I picked him because he was the cutest little thing. He brings us so much joy!!He loves when I go to the store or anywhere with a  bag. He rimmages through looking for his treat. We spoil him rotten.

'Anrea, The henchman. Henny. Henry S. Potter,
Catnip, Treats, new toys. his yellow mouse
Loud noises, Loud people, kids,
Favorite Foods
Fancy Feast, Shrimp flaked, Purina One
Favorite Pastimes
Watching Tv, Running with his brother, napping on our bed

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