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Meet Jasper

The ?? Mommy is a tabby!
Jesse Anderson Seattle, Wa

I captured this gem on Thanksgiving day. This is our new 3 month old kitten named Jasper. The way I got this amazing shot was by pure luck! I was taking multiple pictures on my iPhone, he yawned, and the lens stayed focused. He is a little ball of energy, much smaller than the picture makes him seem. Surely he is another thing to be thankful for this season!

3 months
Waking up my owners in the middle of the night, attacking the dog, picking on my older brothers (Miko and Max)
Listening to my owner practice his trombone.. It's scary!
Favorite Foods
Wet food!
Favorite Pastimes
Getting on the kitchen counter, making loud noises in the middle of the night, running around the house as fast as I can.

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