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Meet Athos Gabbanucci

The Maine Coon
Jelle Desmet Nazareth Belgium

He is almost 4 years old.His weight is 8 KG.Athos got many European and Worldchampions in his family tree.His grandfather weight 14KG,and his great grandparent 11.5KG was International Champion.Some people call Athos the cat model.He always looks straight to the camera.He loves himself and will always wash after you touching him.Hes got his own twitter and instagram. Cat Athos twitter: https://twitter.com/CatAthos His instagram: https://www.instagram.com/mainecoonathos_djjelledesmet/ :)

Almost 4,born 16/10/2013
To play with his streetcat girlfriend
To get comb on his belly
Favorite Foods
Only water and dryfoods
Favorite Pastimes
Lie lazy on the bed

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