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Meet Pebbles

The Calico
Leslie Duncan & Doug Overend Sidney, BC, Canada

Pebbles and her sister Betty were found in a dump in an old tire at 4 weeks old, the very next day it snowed and they would have froze to death if they hadn't been discovered, now they are spoiled and loved by mom and dad. The first 6 months of their life they lived above our funeral home in an apartment with us, and they had the run of the funeral home, playing in caskets. Our clients were happy to cuddle these cuties at a sorrowful time in their lives, which was nice. 

15 months old
Playing with her sister, treats, toys, making videos for daddy
Going inside after playing in the yard
Favorite Foods
Fancy feast florentine and temptations
Favorite Pastimes
Napping in the sun, chasing bugs in the yard, bird watching

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