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Meet Stella

The MaineCoon
Lauren Westchester

Stells is the most loving, affectionate, laid back, and calm kitten you will ever know. She has never scratched or bit anyone in her entire 7 months of life. She really just wants to keep people company and show them how much love she has in her heart. She is constantly headbutting and rubbing up against her owner. Her favorite thing is when her owner or other people cradle her like a baby in their arms. She'll lay there motionless until she drifts off to sleep. 

7 months old
Stellie, StellaBella, Stell.
Food, Food, More Food, Being cradled like a baby, Being massaged, Headbutting, Purring, and loving her owner.
Loud noises and the vet.
Favorite Foods
Royal Canin and whatever her owner is eating.
Favorite Pastimes
Melting the hearts of everyone she meets.

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