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Meet Luna

The Purebred Ragdoll
Lauren Westchester

Luna is an 8-month-old spunky and affectionate kitten. She thinks she's a secret spy because she's always hiding behind things and peeking out, hunkering down and then pouncing, and catching everyone around her by surprise. However, after she plays spy, she never misses a night of sleep laying against or on top of her owner. She's loyal, loving, and warm. She also has a strong sense of when her owner is upset and will headbutt and cuddle her owner until its all better.

8 months
Belly rubs, playing with toys, pretending to be 007, cuddling with her sister, & loving her owner.
Being home alone, going to the vet, and people watching her use her letterbox (privacy please!).
Favorite Foods
Royal Canin and whatever her owner is eating.
Favorite Pastimes
Purring at everything and everyone within sight.

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