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Meet Henry

The Domestic Long Hair
Jason Fines Owen Sound

I found Henry in a parking lot on a rainy October night in 2007. He is a special needs kitty but doesn't let any of his disabilities stop him! He has an underdeveloped hind end, neurological problems and a heart murmur. He walks with a wobble and when he runs it's more like a series of hops. His best friend is his brother Tucker whom I also rescued from the streets two years after Henry. They groom each other all the time! Henry loves his cat bed, his toy mice and his wet food.

Little H, Henry Pie.
Toy mice, his cat bed, wet food, his brother, cat tunnel, cat perch, cuddling, drinking from the bathtub faucet and being on the window sill of an open window breathing in the fresh air while his fur blows in the breeze.
Having his nails clipped, vacuum cleaner, being in trouble, his two sisters.
Favorite Foods
Fancy Feast wet food in any flavor.
Favorite Pastimes
Cuddling, sleeping, playing.

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