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Meet Vladimir

The Domestic Shorthair: Tuxedo
Brittany Martinsville, Virginia

Vladimir is a four year old kitty baby who loves getting kitty cuddles and spending time with his mommy. The picture above was his first snow experience and he wasn't very sure what to think about it! He's a sweet kitty who enjoys looking out the window watching the birds, playing with his toys, but most of all sleeping cuddled up next to his mommy all night. 

Vladimir Poopin'
kitty treats, laser kitty toy, kitty cuddles, blankets, and trying to steal mom's yogurt
Doesn't like the smell of oranges, and hates the vacuum cleaner
Favorite Foods
Loves his cat crunchies, kitty treats, and trying to get into anything containing milk.
Favorite Pastimes
Sleeping, cuddles, kitty kisses, playing with balls of paper, and watching the birds/squirrels.

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