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Meet Cleo

The Silver and Brown Tabby
Christine Mikel Wylie

My name is Cleo, short for Cleopatra since I have such pretty markings around my eyes.  I have been called 'Birdie' since I am always on my daddy's shoulders or up high (where I am not supposed to be, tehehe). As kittens, my brother protected me from wild doggies that tried to eat us... it was scary! I was rescued by my mommy as a foster, but she and foster daddy loved me and my older brother Monkey SO much, that they kept us.  I am a happy kitty!!!

8 months
Birdie, Little Miss
Sitting on top of shoulders, playing with my brother
Loud noises, doggies
Favorite Foods
yarn, Whiskerlickin's Tuna treats
Favorite Pastimes
Running around the room at 3 am, wrestling with bubba

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