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Meet Pyewhacket

The American Shorthair
Melanie Moore and Ian Mallary Austin, TX
Pyewhacket is a fat calico with a very sweet demeanor, but a cranky old lady voice. She's comically shaped, with a body my friends call "a watermelon on chopsticks." That is, skinny legs, skinny tail, small head, and a big belly. She prefers sleeping under the shade of her cat tree to climbing it, and will always try to steal my graham crackers. I've had my sweetie Pye for ten years, and she has brought me so much joy in that time.
Pye, Spaghetti Princess, Her Royal Highness Pye
tuna, graham crackers, the bunny pose, my husband, books, Law and Order
water, heights, poultry, my job, tummy pets, "kids these days", other cats
Favorite Foods
any stinky fish, feta cheese, graham crackers, refried beans, roquefort cheese crackers
Favorite Pastimes
sleeping, eating, cuddling

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