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Meet Timmie

The Maine Coon
Becky Burciaga Fair Oaks, CA

Timmie is a seven month old Maine Coon kitten, and she loves her boxes...but they have to have packing paper in them! She spends hours just hiding and playing in her box. She drags her toys and anything that she can steal from any wastebasket in the house into her box. If her older sister Marley tries to play in her box, Timmie will sit on the lid until Marley screams to be let out...and I'm sure with thoughts of NOT invading her younger sister's again. 

Seven months
Boxes, and playing in the water in the sinks and bath tub
Having her nails clipped
Favorite Foods
Candied papaya and her kitty treats
Favorite Pastimes
Following her two legger mama from room to room

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