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Meet Louie Bear and Sam-E

The Louie is Maine Coon Cat. Sam-E is a Shorthaired Tabby.
Nancy Beiman Burlington, ONtario

Sam-E and Louie were adopted on the same day from the same shelter. Although they never met while in the shelter, they were best friends immediately upon arriving at their forever home. Sam-E (lower) is a year older than four month old Louie, (upper) who walks all over him!

Louie: Four months Sam-E: 14 months
Louie Bear, Handsome Sam-E, Honeyboy
They love each other. They love their home, and they love to play!
Sam-E does not like getting his nails trimmed. Louie has no dislikes.
Favorite Foods
Nature's Variety Instinct Chicken, Orijen Cat and Kitten Kibble
Favorite Pastimes
Playing, cuddling, and grooming one another!

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