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Meet Logan

The Bengal
Shelley Wollaston

Hi, I'm Logan. Mum made me enter this competition. She says I'm gorgeous. I was born in July 2009. I'm still a baby but mum says I act like an old man. So I do have a tendency to moan and shout at her, but that's what bengals do. I have amazing markings especially on my belly. That is where I like my rubs too. I spend most of my days in the garden. I'm a real adventurer. Dad has a special whistle for me. I go to find him whenever I hear it. Mum and dad love me loads.

4 years
Logie, Mr Logan, Loges...you name it!
Belly rubs, hunting and climbing trees
Bathtime (massively)
Favorite Foods
I'm a picky eater...Hills biscuits
Favorite Pastimes
Catching birds and miaowing loudly at 4am

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