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Meet Beauty

The Long hair torti-tabby
June Sullivan Cocoa, FL

This is my 17 year old, long hair torti-tabby. Her eyes are so gorgeous! She talks to me. Not meow. Her mouth moves as if she's actually talking! A soft kinda purr sound will comes out. I'm the only one she talks to & kisses. She's happiest when I hold her. Beauty will meow loud until I pick her up. She always has to see my face when we go to bed. If I turn over she moves to the other side.This pic is current. Lover her so big! 

Beau (Boo) Beauty, BoBo, Pretta
For me to hold her, be brushed, kissing me, treats
Taking pills, getting her boots trimmed, my putting her down
Favorite Foods
Party Mix treats, seafood flavor can food
Favorite Pastimes
Ha..me holding her, sleeping (a lot at her age)

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