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Meet Oscar

The Siamese / Himalayan
Whitney and Tom Evans Mills
Oscar is a 4 month old rescue who has an incredible personality! He has some hefty vocal cords and is not afraid to use them! After a hard day of playing and entertaining his doting parents he loves to cuddle up and purr his little heart out!
4 months
O, Oscar the Grouch, Osc
Sneak attacks, drinking water from a glass not meant for him, jumping, playing
The Vaccuum, the scary creatures under the blankets that move in the night, when dad leaves for work, when mom showers I worry she will never come out...she talks me through it.
Favorite Foods
Purina Kitten Chow, treats, anything dad drops on the floor (if I yell loud enough he usually drops something)
Favorite Pastimes
Snuggling, playing with dad, sharing a pillow with mom

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