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Meet Kritty

The Non pedigree
Jan London.

My cat is an adorable girl. She is easy come easy go. Likes to travel. Sat on my knee on a train journey and has spent a weekend or two on a motor cruiser out at sea. She is so laid back and affectionate. I love her!

Nooxty. Blacky Boo Boo.
Catnip and catnip treats. Loves her luxury warm bed including soft pillows and cuddly toys.
The neighbour's cat visits inside our house via a bedroom window. He appears quite fond of her.
Favorite Foods
Is a good little eater. Likes various flavours. Fond of roast chicken turkey and beef.
Favorite Pastimes
Having a go on her scratch post. Prowling around on the flat roof. Sleepinng and playing. Enjoys chomping up papers and shredding it into tiny pieces.

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