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Meet Sophie

The Ragdoll
Keary Kwiatkowski Rochester, NY

12 w/o ragdoll kitten who lives up to her floppy lap cat demeanor, she loves her mice especially the ones that she has hid, i have yet to find 8 of them and she loves her "frien-emy" (the feather-friend on a stick) she is still unsure if she should cuddle/snuggle or attack and conquer...  regardless, she's always up for a long nap and with her kitten antics, she needs all the rest she can get for the 5am foot pounce !!  my fur-baby.. xo

12 weeks
"sweet-pea" "phie (fee)"
mini fur mice, snuggle time, belly rubs, brushing, pouncing, eating, bathing
'car rides confined to the "black box" (sherpa fur lined)
Favorite Foods
fancy feast, elegant shredded chicken/salmon with brown rice and garden greens
Favorite Pastimes
still working on those

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