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Meet Matilda Jones

The Maine Coon
Shaun Blankenship and Jessica Shepherd Lansing, MI

Matilda Jones is a sassy cat about town, world renown for her executive paws. When she's not sleeping on her ottoman, nicknamed "The Tugboat", she's relaxing herself in different, alternating positions on the carpet behind her people's back, like a fluffy white ninja. Her luxurious fluff is as soft as a summer cloud, and her hardcore rhymes have set the streets a blaze with her hip-hop mixtape series "Da Fancy Feast Beats."

Matilda J, Chickenface, Softy Paws, Miss Jones
Fancy Feast Classic Chicken, Scratchpads, chin scratchings, gettin' paid
Other cats, dogs, other people, the vet, the car, the vaccum cleaner
Favorite Foods
Chicken. Just anything chicken.
Favorite Pastimes
Watching birds, sleeping, waking her people up at 6am to feed her even when she has a bowl full of dry food

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