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Meet Felix

The European Shorthair (mixed)
S. P. Dougherty (my sister) and M. Dougherty (my nephew)

Felix is very independent and loves roaming around exploring. However, he also loves being petted and the feel of human contact. He will look up at you pleadingly to pet him and will rub against your legs until you do. After a while, though, he gets bored and will give a little snap to let you know he's had enough, then goes on his merry way. Overall, he's a very sweet kitty. Every time I visit my sister, he comes to the door to greet me and then follows me around -- often lying at my

13 years
Being petted, rubbing against your legs and feet, taking a nap on the couch when nobody's watching
Being told to get off the couch.
Favorite Pastimes
Exploring, napping, playing with string/toys, lying in his window seat

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