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Meet Piglet

The Domestic Shorthair
Kali Persall Ashland OR

Hi I'm Piglet!

My twin sister Moose and I play together all the time, even though I'm much bigger and can pin her easily. My big brother Possum passed away a few weeks ago...I used to follow him around the house and try to play and wrestle. I loved him and I miss him so much. My coat is fluffy and soft and I have an extremely kinked tail, my namesake. It is kinked and twisted in so many places that it folds over in a circle. I was always bigger than the other kittens and well,

4 1/2 months
Boxes, his sister Moose, snuggles, nursing/kneading on a fuzzy blanket, screen doors, and he absolutely adored his big brother Possum
Being kept inside
Favorite Foods
Treatfood, chicken, cheese
Favorite Pastimes
Playing with his sister, Moose; hunting and eating flies and all other creatures in his path; going on outside adventures

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