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Meet Tucker

The Hymalayan Cross
Sherie Storos Saskatoon, Saskatchewan

Tucker was a rescue that came to us as a small kitten. He was such a cute little fur ball but, little did we know, what a tyrant he was! He would attack my head every night like a lion on the prowl. I was at my witts end when he suddenly fell ill and was very close to dying. When I went to visit him at the vet office the doctor told me he probably wouldn't respond to me. As he brought him into the room he perked up and instantly jumped into my arms! Ever since that day Tucker has been my

13 years
Bubby, Boo, Bub-Bub-Bear
snuggles in bed, catnip, and hunting mice
the dogs, being brushed, seafood, and snuggles from anyone other than me.
Favorite Foods
All mushy food other than seafood flavors.
Favorite Pastimes
Laying under his favorite tree in the yard, playing with his round-a-bout toy, and hunting

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