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Meet Milla, Bella and Tanner

The Calico
Michelle Crabtree Raytown

Meet Milla, our beautiful calico. She was a stray that appeared at our back door one day and adopted us as her forever family. To our surprise she came to us pregnant and within a few months we were blessed with  beautiful kittens. Meet Bella and Tanner. Bella is a princess, quiet and all girl. Tanner is all tom boy and silly. They are just a little over a year old. They love when it's nice enough outside to have the windows open and I was able to capture this photo of them in their

over a year old
Milla, Bella and Tanner
bugs,soft blankets to sleep on, chasing each other.
Favorite Foods
Milla loves cheetos and Bella loves ice cream
Favorite Pastimes
Laying in the windows

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