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Meet Schnungi

The European House Cat
Evi Zurich


I was found by my present owner in amongst the rubbish in a large refuse bin. I was neglected by my previous owner who left me for TRASH! I was so happy when Evi found me and took me to her home, I was very hungry so she fed me with the left overs of her dinner. I am so grateful to Evi as she has given me a warm home and treated me like a Queen, I am now so spoilt with about seventeen Teddy Bears around my basket. This is my story from RAGS to Riches! Love you all and God Ble

3 Months
Tinky Tonks
Cuddling with my owner Evi
None! I just live one day at a time!
Favorite Foods
Roast Beef!
Favorite Pastimes
None, I'm just grateful and happy to be alive!

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