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Meet Sweetie

The Abyssinian
Steve Duncan Burt, MI

Our cat, Sweetie, is 10-1/2 and is a wonderful family cat.  He is very intelligent and brings joy to our life on a daily basis.  He is all butterscotch in color with the exception of a few stripes in his feet and head.  He will retrieve his toys and bring them back to us.  When we tell him to go find Stephen (our son), he goes thru the house until he finds him and then meows !  He's a wonderful feline and we are so glad he's with us.

Swee, Baby Swee, Yob (boy backwards), Sweeheart
Cat treats, sleep, chasing his toys
Water bottles (we used these to keep him off furniture when he was little)
Favorite Foods
Temptations Cat Treats, Kit and Kaboodle Cat Food, occasionally likes peanut butter, butter, milk, human cereal
Favorite Pastimes
Spending time with us, fetching his toys and bringing them back to us, going outside

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