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Meet Sam

The Unknown
Eileen New York City

We love Sam as much as he loves Trader Joe's bags. We got him from Animal Care & Control and we think he has had an eventful life. He has half a tail and a squeaky voice. He likes feet (his and ours), his cat tree, sleeping on our heads and his buddy Norma. His superhero identity is Dr. Destructo.

1 1/2 year
Little Sam, Big Sam, Sam the Man, Sammy, Poopy Man Sam, Sam Sam the Kitty Man
Trader Joe's Bags, stuffed mice, feet, the bathtub, the TV
He's really good natured and puts up with anything, even baths.
Favorite Foods
Tuna, toilet paper
Favorite Pastimes
Stretching, chasing Norma, attacking the shower curtain

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