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Meet Darcy May

The Domestic longhair
Toni Leesburg, GA

My sweet rescue kitty. She was a tiny thing when she caught my attention at the animal shelter. The white around her eyes and the streak of orange running down her nose. Her tiny mew, sticking her paws out of the cage to bat at at hands, I couldn't say no. Taking her out of the cage, she cuddled into my shoulder and purred, bright green eyes looking at me with love. So sweet. So precious. 

Darce, Sugar Nuts, Fat Girl
kitty treats, toilet paper, Daddy, her doggy Poodle uncle Dasher, The Walking Dead TV series, sleeping in Nana's arms like a baby, biting mommy's nose and chin, waiting on the porch for her frog friend
the sound of the toilet flushing, her sister Roxy, having her picture taken, being held too long when she's in a frisky mood
Favorite Foods
Dairy Milk kitten treats, any kind of wet cat food, and any kind of human food that Nana secretly feeds her
Favorite Pastimes
sleeping, sleeping, and sleeping

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