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Meet Sawyer

The Mixed
Sara and Greg

Hi, my name is Sawyer and I am a year old.  I was adopted in August 2012 when I was just eight weeks old. I stole my parents’ hearts the moment they laid eyes upon me. I have had some health problems including a blocked urinary tract. This is uncommon for a cat of my young age, but I keep up a good attitude.  I go for walks with my parents every day where I chase bugs and keep an eye on all the birdies. I have even trained my parents to give me treats just by sitting or giving

1yr 2 months
Baby, Baby Boy, Pumpkin, Baby Panther
FOOD ! Going for walks on my leash, wand toys, chasing bugs, learning new tricks, cuddles, rubs on the head and chin, TALKING, sleeping in between my mamma and dad at night,catnip bubbles, my orange kitty, soft blankets, watching birds, a clean litter box
Kids toys with wheels, when my parents go out without me, having my nails trimmed, when my parents don't share their yummy food, a "dirty" litter box, a running dishwasher
Favorite Foods
If I had my way it would be all food!
Favorite Pastimes
Eating, going for walks on my leash, cuddling with my parents, chasing bugs, play time, sneaking into cupboards to steal my treats

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