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Meet Cho Cho

The Brown/White Tabby
Tahli Burbank, California

ChoCho is a rescue kitty from the Burbank animal shelter who went from being scruffy and scared to a proud and regal bratty little brother overnight!  The people at the shelter warned us that he was going to take a lot of love and work... how wrong they were! It didn't take long for him to be storming the kitty castle and out meowing and purring his vocal big sis!

3 Months
His stuffed toy Duckie, Pens, Cuddles, Showers
A clean kitty litter and not being the center of attention
Favorite Foods
Specialty Imported Kangaroo Treats from Australia
Favorite Pastimes
Play with and annoying his big sister Chanel (black 2 year old cat) and having his photo taken

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