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Meet Pumpkin

The moggie short haired
sabrina bryson Irlam
Pumpkin is a very shy cat, always been very timid but ever so soft and loving. She adores snuggles and is at her happiest when she can lie on your knee or across your cheast. She purrs loads when you tickle behind her ears and rolls over so you do her belly. She loves to play one to one and likes shiny pom pom balls like the ones you would use for arts and crafts. She likes small toys and will quite happily play for hours. She loves rolling around in the sunshine or sitting on a windowsill and w
1 year 1 month
pumps, lumps, pumpalumps & beautiful
sunshine, cuddles & tummy tickles
loud noises
Favorite Foods
go cat, dreamies, tuna
Favorite Pastimes
snuggling up with a blanket

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