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Meet Nat "the cat" King Cole

The shorthair
Alexandra Wallace Ulsan, South Korea

Nat was rescued from the streets of Ulsan, South Korea.  I adopted him when he was 2 months old.  He is playful and feisty.  Every night, he greets me at the door, and he often follows me around.  Nat is a very trusting cat, and he is a great bug catcher. He enjoys talking to the birds and staring at the cats that pass by "his" window.  He hates sharing his window, but sometimes when he's feeling generous, he'll share with me.  Nat is very smart

less than 1 year old
Nat, little dude
looking out the window, his chair, playing ball, chasing my feet
heat, sharing his window
Favorite Foods
tuna, salmon, any wet food, water
Favorite Pastimes
sleeping, relaxing, talking to birds, staring at the neighbor cat

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