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Meet Bootsie

The Domestic Shorthair
Lindsay Soderberg Los Angeles, CA

Bootsie came to me as a foster kiten at 4 weeks old. After nursing him back to health (twice), the shelter still had too many cats and was going to euthanize him. Of course I said, "You just lost a foster mom, and Bootsie is coming home with me!" They actually made me PAY for him along with his 4 brothers and sisters who would have also been euthanized.

He's now 2 years, 4 months old and thriving! He is a lttle wary of strangers at first but also a huge cuddler and extre

2 years, 4 months
His name is actually Boots, but I call him "Bootsie" or "Bootsie Boy"
cuddling, climbing, hiding, playing with his brothers and sisters, Kitty Kaviar treats!, cat springs, cat crazies, and his Petmate "crazy circle" toy
Strangers...at first
Favorite Foods
Kitty Kaviar!! Everytime I walk into the room, he jumps onto the counter (yes, counter) and waits for me to give it to him. He regularly eats Lotus brand both wet and dry food.
Favorite Pastimes
He loves exploring hiding places, climbing, and playing with his crazy circle, but his cat springs are his favorite!

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