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Meet Suki

The Ragamuffin mix
Leigh Phoenix

Suki was found alone outside in January 2011 at 5 weeks old. She was a purrfect fit for us! She is such an easy going, relaxed cat. You can hold her like a baby and she won't budge. She hates her cat carrier but absolutely loves car rides. She has flown across the country a couple times in her life and is a professional at getting through security and not meowing on 5 hour flights! She likes teasing dogs and being chased by them. She loves to "sukivise" and watch people do thing

2 1/2
SukiBomb, Le Suke, Sukenstein, Bunny
Hair ties, shopping bags, any toy with feathers or a jingle bell, kitchen towels to roll around on, drinking out of glass candle pillars
Doorbells, metal and plastic food bowls, bathmats or fluffy blankets, not being able to go outside
Favorite Foods
Roasted chicken from Costco, mayonnaise, temptations treats
Favorite Pastimes
Watching birds from the kitty condo, playing in shopping bags, meowing frequently

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