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Meet Streak

The DSH Mix (Possibly
Elizabeth Smith Rye, CO

Streak is so-named because at the shelter, and later at the foster home, she was a nervous jumpy grey tabby 'streak' of a kitten trying to find a place to hide. Though she is now a grand 12 years old she still manages to find time to race around the house before flopping to a stop on her favorite rug. 

This goofy girl likes to perch upon everything and like I said: Race around the house, up the stairs and sometimes end up on my lap giving me her best crazy-eyes. When I am

Knocking over wet canvases, being buried under freshly dried sheets/clothing, running up the stairs and then back down, eating the household plants, the rug, staring at the pet birds, bopping her 'adopted brother' on the head, and flopping onto things.
Sharing, being shut out of the room I am in, wasps, and tile floors.
Favorite Foods
Chicken livers (cooked), cereal bowl milk, yogurt, smoked turkey, and paint water.
Favorite Pastimes
Knocking over art-pieces, standing on top of the magazine or newspaper, running, curling up in the underwear shelf, sitting on owner and then refusing to move.

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