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Meet Pankcake

The mixed
Lynn Ellison Staffordshire, England

I finally got Pancake after years of wanting a cat. I couldn't have a cat when my son was younger as he seemed to be allergic to furry animals, but he is fine now. In 3 short months little Pancake has risen up the ranks and is now in charge of the whole household!

5 months
Moggsby, Lambcakes
Climbing onto my face at 5 a.m., chasing lasers, being worshipped.
Water, expensive cat beds, the red packet in our cat food selection box, seeing the litter tray being cleaned out.
Favorite Foods
Cat milk and anything "cat safe" that I am trying to eat in peace.
Favorite Pastimes
Destroying the leather dining chairs, sitting in the window watching the world go by, hanging off the blinds.

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