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Meet Monito

The Stray
Josefina Mexicali, Mexico

Monito is a 2 year old stray cat who was abandoned by his mom, a kind lady took him and put and ad on the local newspaper to find someone to adopt him. The ad was like this "Help me, I was abandoned, meow", I found the ad creative, unique so I called and I got a huge surprise..... the kitten was at the home I live my first 19 years of my life so I think it was his destiny to be my kitten. 

He was around 1 and a half month when I adopt him, and now he is 2 years old.&nbs

2 years
Corazon, Pechocho, Gatito hermoso, Querubin
Sleep, sleep, sleep, eat, eat again and play with his younger siblings
Meet new people, when someone visit me he run and hide
Favorite Foods
Can food, tuna, chicken
Favorite Pastimes
Did I mention sleep?, MOL

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