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Meet Julian

The 1/2 American Shorthair and 1/2 Lilac Siamese
Ben Junction City

Julian just tunred one year old. His favorite person in the whole wide world is Dad(aka Dada).

If you want to learn more about me, go to my Facebook page:  


Baby Man, Pinky, Hooligan, Thit, The Little Baby Man, Little Baby Man Plan, Pinky Panther, Polka Dotted Menace
Potato Soup, Whipped Cream, Picking on my sisters, playing with bud Bit, going for walks with Dada, and DADA!
Sharing my toys, time outs, the word NO(He hears it a lot)
Favorite Foods
Potato Soup
Favorite Pastimes
Going for walks with Dada and picking on my sisters

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