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Meet nibbler

The American short hair
Annamary Belford nj

this baby girl is my newest addition she's the third orange kitty in the house. i've never met such a confident kitten she explores her new home tail held high taking on whatever comes her way. it took a few days for my other two cats one year old charlie and his sister tabby but now charlie adores his new playmate and tabby tolerates she likes her much more when she's sleeping and not nibbling on her tail. shes such a happy little kitten instantly purring when she's held and

8 weeks
little mouse,nibbler,munchkin, monkey
bothering the other two cats, pouncing on her owners face, toys, biting toys
being held when she wants to play, when the other kitties dont want to play
Favorite Foods
blue buffalo kitten food
Favorite Pastimes
exploring new places, learning new things, cuddling with her owner

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