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Meet solina

The long hair
hope solina
We found solina in the middle of a road in the country where she had potential of getting hit by cars etc...so we had to bring her home...she was so small and cute..smelled a little but we bathed her as soon as we got her in our house. We usually call her "Kittenface"..because well she has a kitten face!. She loves tummy rubs..tuna and my husband (not sure how that worked out)and she's just an all around great, lovable, very cute kitten and were glad we found her. :)
almost 2
kittenface/friggen kittenface
tuna..ALOT..we cant even say the word out loud
when i get attention from my husband instead of her
Favorite Foods
tuna of course..any wet food..and any food that doesnt belong to her
Favorite Pastimes
looking at herself in the mirror..in our fireplace..in quitars..really its anywhere she can get a glimpse of herself

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