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Meet Bigboy

The Domestic Tabby
Billie-Jean Bangor, Maine

Why hello there! My name is Bigboy and my mom says that I am DELICIOUS. I have a really big thumb that I use to open doors with! I live with my sister, Babygirl and our children, and our children's children. 

Buddie, Tommy
Can 'o' Food, Catnip, Boxes, Feather Toys, Hair Ties, Attention, Babygirl, His People Family, Attention, Fans, The Ladies, Brushing/Brushes, Clean Water Bowl, The Waterdance, Food, Clean liter, Weenie, Dangling Arms, Feet, When My Mom Sings.
My Son Bestfriend, Outside, Birds, Mean People, People Who Aren't His Family, When His People Family Go To Work & School, Kittens, Water, Dirty Paws, Wet Paws, Dirty Liter Box.
Favorite Foods
Can 'o' Food, Cheese, Poultry, Whipped Cream, Clam Dip, Milk, Ice Cream.
Favorite Pastimes
Sleeping, Cuddle, Play, Sit In The Window, Purr, Visit Nana, Get A Snack, Clean Himself.

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