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Meet Scruffy

The Maine Coon
Mark Hilgenberg Orlando Florida

Scruffy is an 11 year old Maine Coon that adopted US on a rainy night several years ago. Her full name is Scruffy Taxi Cat because when she adopted ME she was hanging around the gas pumps at the local taxi service here in town. That one particularly stormy night I think she'd had enough and jumped into the limo I was driving at the time. She settled herself down onto my coat and fell asleep. Ever since then Scruffy has been the friendliest, most congenial, cat I've ever

Scruffus, Scruffy, Scruffalo
Getting her tummy rubbed, drinking from the faucet, people food, her stuffed fishies
Nothing! Seriously!
Favorite Foods
Most anything you offer to her!
Favorite Pastimes
Sleeping & Eating!

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