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Meet Jack

The American Short Hair
Mayra Houston, Tx
He was born August 10 2012, I knew from the day he was born he was mine. :) He is very sweet, loving male cat. Loves to sit outside on his harness. He doesn't like ham Or scraps unless its boiled chicken. He loves My cat from hell. He is sort of my kitty model. He loves pictures. He loves to do bird chirps when he is happy or wants attention as well as wag his tail and purr. He's really amazing and loves kids and loves kissing people, he's never bit anyone and he smells so good. :)
10 months.
Jack Jack
Chasing balls, Cat Nip, and Lasers
Favorite Foods
Meow Mix. :D
Favorite Pastimes
Watching Tv, hearing me talk, and sleeping by the window

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