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Meet Simba

The Ragdoll/rumpy manx
Emily Holm Gympie, Australia

Despite being half ragdoll, he doesn't flop when you pick him up. But like a manx he is extremely active and loves fighting/playing with his big brother mickey who is also a manx.

He is only nine months old but he was the runt of the litter and has hardly grown since the day I bought him.

He hates being alone. He is extremely vocal and will answer back if you meow at him. His stump is about 2 - 3cm long.

9 months
Little cat, whinge pot, baby, simba wimba.
String, sticks, fluffy blankets.
Being alone his ears being touched
Favorite Foods
Chicken, vege chips and broccoli.
Favorite Pastimes
Running around like a crazy cat.

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