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Meet Freya

The Sokoke
Edith Walters Salem Oregon

Freya is a Sokoke, she is from Kenya. There are only 50 to 100 Sokoke cats in the world, making her a very rare breed.  Freya is a mirical kitty for me, she literaly came to me. She was found starving and cold when she was about 5 to 6 weeks old and about two weeks later I was contacted because I Trap Neuter and Return feral cats and socialize and adopt out ferals and strays. I fell in love with Freys instantly, and knew that I could not adopt her out and soon realized that she was not a

9 months
to ride on our shoulder
to be made to do something she doesn't want to do.
Favorite Foods
ice cream
Favorite Pastimes
playing or carrying around my glove

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