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Meet Lux

The Mix breed
Hannah Pennfeild NB, Canada

Lux is a happy, crazy little kitten. She is 9 months old and has a lot of personality. I got her from a friend who had someone drop a pregnant cat with another litter of kittens off on her doorstep. Lux is from the second litter of kittens that the cat was pregnant with when my friend got her. She is the happiest cat I have ever seen. She loves to walk on her leash, and loves to chase bugs and the fish in my aquarium. Her best friend is my dog, Zach. They sleep together all the time, and love

9 months
Food, her moose, bells
Being held for long periods of time, being petted against her will
Favorite Foods
Anything anyone else is eating (that being the dog, us humans and even the fish) she just loves food.
Favorite Pastimes
Playing moose

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